The Dr. Rover Story

Dr. Rover hasn't had it easy. As a puppy, he was left with his brothers and sisters in a bag in front of the local dog pound.

The pound was a scary place for a young pup. The older dogs ran the place and would constantly put him in his place. He had to scrounge for food and always had to eat alone.

One fine day a beautiful family came in, looking to adopt a dog.
All the pups performed their best tricks, hoping to be chosen.
Little Dr. Rover hadn't learned any tricks yet.

All the pups ran out front but our little friend, huddled at the back, feeling shy and scared. The family's youngest child, a girl no more than 5, saw him hiding in the back. She was enchanted by his wagging tail and scared eyes and ran to scoop him up.

It was love at first sight — and Dr. Rover lived in a safe and loving home with his new family for the rest of his life.

Our brand is dedicated to that first year when Dr. Rover moved in. This beautiful family had no idea how to take care of him. The girl's brother would not even accept his stinky puppy kisses!

From freshening stinky breath to vitamin supplements that keep your furry friend active and strong, Dr. Rover will keep making products that help doggie and his best friend live happily ever after.

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